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Different options to match your needs

Azorus has been working with a wide variety of higher education institutions since 2002. One thing we have learned over these many years is that each of our clients face their own unique challenges when it comes to CRM. Whether it is finding the budget or the people to support a CRM project, defining the scope and steps, or any other of numerous issues, there is no simple ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to CRM for student recruitment.

As a result, we believe that every institution is on their own personal CRM journey. With this in mind, we have devised an approach to address that; different options for different needs, so that you will find the solution that fits your situation regardless of your level of maturity with CRM.

If you are just starting your CRM journey, our Rapid Launch Modules might be a good fit. Or perhaps you need our All-Inclusive implementation with the full support to ensure your CRM investment will be successful. Or maybe you already have made an investment in a CRM solution but you want it to be more effective … then our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform could be the best choice for you. What’s right for your institution?

Rapid Launch CRM Modules

With the introduction of our latest CRM modules, Azorus now offers higher education institutions a way to easily and cost effectively embrace CRM for student recruitment. Our modules are designed to help you with precisely what you need. That means:

  • You pick what you need; not what you don’t.
  • You only pay for what you need.
  • And as you grow, you can decide to add other modules.

Whether it is the ability to capture leads via our forms module, or run sophisticated events at your institution, or simply send SMS messages to your prospects, we have a solution that is just-right.


Create interactive and professional looking web forms in minutes.


Create powerful events like Open Days, Campus Tours or event department events.


Create dynamic branded email campaigns. Simultaneous campaigns can be run to different audiences at different times.


Create your SMS campaigns for delivery as reminders to key events or dates in the academic calendar.

Call Campaigns

Another powerful tool to set and track outbound campaigns during key times of the year.

Expert Advice

We call this the ‘Human Module’ and it provides you access to our team of experts to help you when needed.

Meet AZAI – your smart digital assistant

By analyzing your institutions current and historical data, our AI platform, AZAI, will tell you which prospective students are likely to apply, and which applicants are most likely to enrol. As the student journey continues, AZAI is able to help you understand which students are most likely to persist and graduate.

Track, analyze, and influence the student journey

Let AZAI tell you which students you should focus on and influence their behavior by precise, personalized marketing interventions through the automated CRM platform. Using multiple data sources AZAI will track and analyze vast amounts of data in real time to identify the prospects that will likely apply and those that are most likely to enroll. Based on this information AZAI will recommend actions to positively influence prospect students and applicants’ behavior.

Predictive Analytics

Our CRM provides predictive scores for every student including propensity to apply, propensity to accept an offer, propensity to register, and even the propensity to churn (drop out). These scores help you target the right students for your institution, making for greater chance of student success, improved outcomes for the institution and better utilization of marketing budgets.

Control Outcomes

Know the levers you have to influence your business outcomes – better conversion rates, attendance rates, retention rates, and effectiveness of your campaigns. There is an out of the box support for a “What -If” dashboard that allows your CRM team to judge the impact of your actions on your key outcomes. This feature helps you to do scenario planning where you can forecast how much the needle can be moved to convert more of the right students.

Feed the Machine

AZAI can consume data from a wide variety of sources. Typically, the data comes from your student information system (SIS) or other data sources may be used including any existing CRM systems in place on your campus.


Campus Management

Tribal SITS


Microsoft Dynamics

Oracle Peoplesoft




Start with the right students

Different options to match your needs


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